1. Overview
  2. Procedures for gaining access to the staging developer portal
  3. Download Spaces SDK
  4. Request for developer permission in Spaces production

1 Overview

To create an OAuth2 application for Spaces API, you must have the developer permission in your user account. You can sign up for a free Spaces staging account and submit the request for the developer permission. Upon approval of the developer permission, you will be able to create OAuth2 apps in the developer portal.

2 Procedures for gaining access to the staging developer portal

  • Sign up Spaces staging services from https://loganstaging.esna.com/. It’s highly recommended to use your work email address so that you can create a company in staging environment. This will allow you to test full Spaces features. You can also use your personal email address if you are a freelancer, but without the company, the available Spaces features will be limited.
  • Create a password after accepting the invitation link from the email.
  • Recommended: Log in to https://onesnastaging.esna.com with your email and password. If your “User Settings” doesn’t have any “Current Employers”, then it’s recommended to create a company that matches to your email address domain. In the upper-right corner drop-down menu under your name, click Add Company. Enter the name of your company. Then enter a company domain name that matches your work email domain. Note: If your co-worker already performed this step and the company is already created, then you can skip this step.
    Link for instruction how to add company: Link for instruction.
  • Developer permission self-assignment for Spaces Staging environment can be done from User Settings. Permissions are assigned by checking a checkbox for a specific company or freelance. Checkboxes are located next to Developer permission label. Each checkbox corresponds to a company where your account is both admin and employee. Check a checkbox of a company that you want to get developer permissions for. If you don't want to get developer permission as company's developer, you can choose Freelance developer permission.
  • Once the permission is assigned, reload the page and Developer Dashboard will be available.
  • From the Developer Dashboard, you can create OAuth applications and obtain the Client ID and Client Secret.

3 Download Spaces SDK

From the Developer Dashboard, you can download the Java-script SDK with sample codes and mobile SDK for Android and iOS with reference clients. The SDK documentation is in the downloaded zip files.

4 Request for developer permission in Spaces production

After you have fully tested your applications in the staging environment and you are committed to deploy your applications into Spaces production, you will need to submit your request on https://onecare.avaya.com/spacesapi. In the Describe the application field, please indicate that you have completed the testing in staging and you are requesting production access. Someone from Avaya will contact you and review your applications.