1. Overview
  2. Registration

1 Overview

To create a client application using the Avaya Spaces backend you must first register with us. We will then issue you the necessary information to have your client application authenticate users to Zang Identity via OAuth2.

2 Registration

Contact Spaces Support with the subject line [Application Registration] and include:

  1. Name of organization
  2. Description of application
  3. URLs to redirect after authentication (successful or not)
Upon approval of your client application we will respond with your client ID and secret, which will be used to perform OAuth2 authentication for your users and Avaya Spaces.

The client ID is a string that can be publicly exposed and is used to identify requests made by your application. The secret on the other hand should be kept private and is used to authenticate your application with Zang Identity when requesting access to a user's account.

After registration, you will have everything necessary to send authorized requests to Avaya Spaces.